The Value Of Wildlife Tourism Around Ranthambore

Ranthambore tiger reserve – Attraction for many wildlife enthusiasts. It is gaining an international reputation as a wilderness destination to see wild tigers and hence attracts many domestic as well as international tourists. According to the previous year’s statistics, 68 % were domestic travellers and 32% were international travellers. This is all due to the collective efforts of the forest department and tourism board efforts. Ranthambore is one of the most visited wildlife sanctuaries due to its connection with big cities and well-developed infrastructure for tourism. The number of visitors increases each year. 

Large Revenues Generated By Tourism 

According to the sources Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is now the highest grosser tiger reserve at a whopping Rs. 25.89 Crore. This is due to the increasing number of tigers in the reserve and efforts by the tourism board. The baby boom in the reserve has been the biggest attraction. On general days tourists spot more than 5 tigers this has increased the number of tourists. This increase in tourism is not only beneficial for the tiger reserve but also for the other attraction in the city and nearby hence increasing the GDP of the state. 

No Adverse Impact On Tigers

Many of you might be thinking that with the increase in number of tourism tigers or wildlife will be worse affected. This is not true actually. It has been seen that there has been significant growth in tourism as well as wildlife. There is no negative impact of tourism on the wildlife. It has been seen that number of tigers have been increased from 62 to 71 whereas visitors rose from 157085 to 431000. Suggesting that the population of the tiger is not adversely affected by the number of visitors. 

Great For Small Businesses 

With the increase in tourism the business for small and local stores have been increasing rapidly. Revenue estimated from the small business enterprise in the city that have tourism infrastructure is approximately 117 crores that is four times higher than the non tourism city. If we talk about Ranthambore then the business of small business is whooping 8.74 crores.

Growing Awareness

For a long time, wildlife has been ignored and has been under-rated but with growing awareness, it is getting better. Now wildlife is not only seen as a tourist attraction but an element to conserve this will be beneficial in the long run. The importance of wildlife to the local community is now globally recognised in the community.

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